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Welcome to the website of the 13th International Congress for Eighteenth Century Studies

The 18th century “does not forget itself” (Immanuel Kant). It represents the period when most of the preconditions and processes of modern life had already been developed or begun to emerge, such as the Enlightenment, Secularization, Popular Education, encyclopedias, and introduction of standards in regards to human rights, democracy, steam power, and the acceleration of the rhythm of life. Considering these factors, only the 18th Century serves as the central subject of a worldwide network of humanities researchers.

The international congress, which only takes place every four years, will be held from the 25th to the 29th of July 2011 at the University of Graz (Austria).

Veneration of the Holy Eucharist

Main Subjects:

The languages of the Congress are English, French, and German.